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Second Letter to Employees: Quarantine Period

A letter to our valued employees: Please see the attached letter that was sent out last month. We just wanted to resend in case we missed anybody and prepare you for the incoming season. Additionally, please read the further quarantine guidelines below to prepare for your 14-day quarantine period. Quarantine Period Rules and Guidelines • All employees will receive free housing and internet for your stay during the quarantine period. • All employees should bring entertainment to occupy the time. • If you would like to place an order for groceries, please email or text our production manager at or (907) 429 - 8088. Groceries orders must be pre-paid and ready or pickup by the store. Groceries will be delivered to you. • During the quarantine period, according to the state and city mandates, employees are NOT allowed to leave the building until the 14-day period is over. • Please clean and sanitize the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas after every use. • Please maintain at least 6 feet apart from others. • We will be providing you face masks. Please keep them safe and wash them everyday. There will not be extra face masks, so please do not lose them. • Wash your hands regularly. • Please read the COVID-19 training packets that we have provided for you. • Please be considerate and respectful of the other tenants in the bunkhouse. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. Our contact information is listed below. Contact List Apryel Itliong Production Manager Cell: (907) 429 - 8088 Email: Tu Trinh Dillon Office and Operations Manager Cell: (206) 909 - 1187 Email:

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