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About Us

Our Story

Founded by family and fueled by admiration for the industry, Camtu’s Alaska Wild

Seafoods’ core mission is to provide the highest quality of seafood to customers and

dedicate more to the hard-working fishermen fleet of Alaska.


Camtu’s Alaska Wild Seafoods was established in 2014 by a family of fishermen who had a dream to share

Alaska’s treasures with the world. In 1995, it began as a migrant family’s search for opportunity and a new life in Alaska.

They fell in love with the fishing community and the beauty of Alaskan seafood. They knew immediately that it had to be shared with the world. From seafood plant workers, to their own fishing boats, to direct marketing, their passion and dreams continued to grow. Today, they are an established wholesale operation that produces one of the most sought-after seafoods in the world, to customers all over the United States.


We are a processor and distributor of wild, Alaskan seafood from the Prince William Sound and the mouth of the Copper River. We produce wholesale fresh and frozen, headed/gutted fish, fish fillets, and green roe for all five species of Alaskan salmon. Our products are all domestically processed in town and handled with great care from our dedicated fishing boats, through our plant, and to the marketplace.


Our plant is located in Cordova, Alaska, a town that is famous for its distinct Alaskan Copper River salmon. Resting on the base of a mountain and at the edge of the sea, Cordova, Alaska is a unique fishing town that is enriched with culture, hard work, and passion for the seafood industry. Our operations begin in mid-May until mid-September, when the town triples in size from the influx of fishermen, seafood workers, and tourists to welcome the new fishing season.


We believe in high quality seafood, the devoted fishermen, and the hardworking seafood workers. With our collective efforts, we are excited to share to the world what the Alaskan seas have to offer.  



1987   In April of 1987, Thai Vu first landed into Cordova, Alaska in search of new opportunities. He had heard of the hard work up in Alaska and wanted to see it for himself. He fell in love with the town and knew immediately the town offered new beginnings for him and his family.

1995   Thai immigrated his wife, Camtu Ho, from Vietnam. They began their new life in Cordova, Alaska in 1995 with their daughter.


1996   Camtu and Thai worked at a local seafood processing plant as production crew and plant maintenance.

2003   Their passion for the industry grew, as well as their family. In 2003, Thai bought his first bow-picker fishing vessel and begin his gillnet operation in the summer of 2003.

2004   Camtu and Thai began direct marketing to customers with the fish caught by Thai’s catch.

2014   Alaska Wild Seafoods, LLC was officially established, and small processing room was constructed off of their local grocery store to accommodate the customer orders that were getting larger and larger.

2017   In 2017, Camtu and Thai initiated a large plant expansion to achieve their goal of moving millions of pounds of salmon.

2018   Camtu’s Alaska Wild Seafoods was officially renamed. The expansion was completed in April 2018 and became an established facility. They began their large-scale operation that summer.

Present Day   Camtu’s Alaska Wild Seafoods continues to provide a unique market to the local fishermen and produces high quality seafood to customers around the United States.



Our company and products are MSC certified and MSC conforming. We believe in the management and protection of our fishery to ensure its longevity for generations to come. That is why we support the Marine Stewardship Council to ensure that all of our purchased seafood originates from a sustainable source.



We are a HACCP, FDA, TSA, and DEC compliant facility. We prioritize safety in our facility, environment, and products, to ensure our seafood is safe for consumption.



Our seafood quality program is upheld to the highest of standards in each step of production, from the moment of harvest, to the dock, and throughout its journey. With avid temperature monitoring, proper offloading, icing, handling, packaging, and care, the ocean-fresh quality is preserved until its arrival to the market.



Our facility and products have been approved for international export by the following establishments:

  • USDC NOAA Seafood Inspection Program Approved Establishment

  • SANCO Export List

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