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What Sets Our Salmon Apart

What Sets Our Salmon Apart

Wild, Alaskan salmon is one of the healthiest proteins in the world, given its high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. They are greatly sought after due to their healthy lifestyle as they spend their livelihood in the river and ocean. Their meat has a unique richness that no other salmon can compare.


Our wild salmon is free of growth hormones, unnecessary chemical additives, and toxins. Our salmon are all natural and wild-grown, harvested from the icy waters of Alaska by our devoted fishermen friends. Our salmon is chilled from the moment of harvest in refrigerated sea water (RSW) or slush ice by our fishermen and tendermen.


The fish are immediately processed upon arrival at our dock, as we do our best to move the product as quickly as possible to retain the sea-fresh quality. At the dock, they are offloaded with care, thoroughly iced in totes, and then transported to the plant to be headed and gutted. They are hand-gutted to remove any harshness that can affect the quality of the meat. Next, they are carefully packaged with gel-ice packs to retain proper chill for their journey to the market.


We prioritize strict quality monitoring, temperature checks, thorough icing/chill, proper handling, and packaging to retain the highest quality of salmon for our customers. With the hard work and efforts from our fishermen, tendermen, and seafood workers, we can capture that “Alaska-fresh” taste right at your dinner table.

Our Products

Our Products

Please click below to learn more about each Alaskan salmon species. Each species is unique, as their runs periods are different throughout the season. Each have a distinction to their meat flavor, texture, and usage.

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

King Salmon

Image by Jonathan Borba

Sockeye Salmon

Raw Salmon

Coho Salmon

Salmon and Rice Bowl

Chum Salmon

Image by Sebastian Coman Photography

Pink Salmon

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