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Join our Production Crew


The Production Crew

Thank you for your interest in joining our Production Team. Dedicating your summers to the Alaskan seafood industry makes for an incredible adventure. We believe family is what fuels a successful team. We are thankful for our hardworking employees that make this industry thrive. We appreciate all of your diligence and support and we thank you for enriching the salmon culture every year. 

Equal Opportunity

Camtu's Alaska Wild Seafoods believes in Equal Opportunity. We pledge to not discriminate against employees based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. All are encouraged to apply! 

Work Environment

Although Alaska is a beautiful place, the work that comes with the seafood industry requires diligence and perseverance. The jobs are physically demanding. Working conditions can often be cold and wet. Therefore, the floors will be wet and slippery. Due to all the running machinery in the plant, it may often be very noisy. Additionally, team members may be required to stand for long periods of time, up to 18 hours or possibly more.

Season Contract Term

This salmon fishery, known as "Area E," ranges from mid-May to mid-September. 

You can choose between two groups to arrive:

GROUP A - May Arrival

GRUOP B - June (or later) Arrival


Exact arrival dates will be announced by your hiring managers and the season end date is set by management as it gets closer to the end of the season. 

Important Industry Disclaimer

***While we strive to provide our employees with full work schedules, nothing is guaranteed as this industry is dependent on fish returns and weather. This industry depends on Mother Nature, but Mother Nature is often unpredictable. It must be understood that no hours are guaranteed.***

Job Requirements & Responsibilities

The responsibilities, expectations, and duties as a Seafood Processor are as followed:

  • Main duties may include: sorting, cutting, gutting/cleaning, filleting, grading, weighing, and packaging of salmon products

  • Handle all salmon products with care 

  • Operate machinery and/or guide products into automated machinery

  • Operate machinery and/or transportation vehicles safely 

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the plant or dock

  • Maintain a clean and sanitary work area

  • Work to maintain the highest possible quality of all products

  • Adhere to all sanitation and product quality policies

  • Communicate quality and safety issues to supervisors and leads

  • Maintain plant safety at all times

  • Handling/shoveling Ice

  • Dock work such as offloading tenders and/or fishermen vessels

  • Follow spoken and/or written directions

  • Adhere to workplace rules

  • Perform other duties, as assigned

  • You may be rearranged for certain tasks/jobs

Why Work At Alaska Wild?

Benefits - General

Camtu's Alaska Wild Seafoods provides to all full-time employees the following benefits:

  • Many opportunities to work overtime;

  • Overtime is paid after 8 hours a day and over 40 hours a week;

  • Paid transportation from Seattle to Cordova and back (Non-Local Employees);

  • Free housing upon completion of employment contract (Non-Local Employees);

  • Free meals upon completion of employment contract (Non-Local Employees);

  • Competitive wages in the industry;

  • Opportunity for promotions;

  • Position advancement opportunities ;

  • Potential bonuses;

  • Do not have to re-apply if returning for following seasons;

  • Make industry connections with fishermen, vessel captains, fellow crewmembers, seafood processors, managers, and community members;

  • The plant is located directly in town and in close proximity to grocery stores, banks, and restaurants;

  • Our production crew is sized accordingly to help maximize work hours for all employees.

Benefits - Additional

We are excited to announce that Camtu’s Alaska Wild Seafoods has partnered with Avibra to bring eligible team members a unique benefits package that shall provide financial, protection, risk security, and wellness benefits.

Benefits Free of Charge:

  • Prescription Savings

  • Discounts & Savings for 200+ Vendors

  • Subsidy Navigator

  • Childcare Savings

  • Bill Negotiator

  • $15,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

  • $1,000 Life Insurance

  • Housing Counseling

  • Credit Counseling

  • Debt Counseling

  • Well-Being Advisor


Choose Up to 5 Benefits, Fully Covered by Camtu’s AK Wild:

  • Doctor Discount Network

  • Diabetic & Home Medical Supplies

  • Hearing Benefits

  • Lab Services

  • Senior Care

  • Telemedicine (Adults & Kids)

  • Teletherapy (Adults & Kids)

  • Dental Savings

  • Vision Savings

  • On Demand Fitness & Nutrition

  • Mental Well-Being Support

  • Chiropractic

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Fertility, Surrogacy & Adoption

  • Telepet

  • $5,000 Life Insurance

  • $20,000 AD&D Insurance

  • $2,500 Critical Illness

  • $1,000 Accident Medical

  • Cell Phone Family Protection

  • Roadside Assistance

  • ID Theft Protection

  • Wage Protection

  • $1,000 Life Insurance for Kids

  • $5,000 AD&D Insurance for Kids

  • Medical Debt Buster

  • Appliance Protection

  • Legal Services

  • Rental Car Savings

  • Auto Mechanic Hotline

  • Tax Hotline

  • Layoff Insurance

  • Accident Disability Insurance


*State and age restrictions apply. Life insurance is available ages 18-54 and accidental death & dismemberment insurance is available ages 18-62. Both insurance benefits are unavailable in MD and ME.

To be eligible for this benefits package, a team member will need to satisfy all conditions below. A team member must:


  • Have completed at least 3 complete consecutive seasons* at our company (meaning, you will be eligible at the start of your 4th returning season);

    • ** A “Complete Season” is defined as a season where at least 4 out of the 5 active seasons are worked. 

    • ** Consecutive is defined as a season where one follows after the other, in order, without any missed years. 

  • Have confirmed intention to return for future seasons;

  • Have a clean disciplinary and conduct record;

  • Meet or exceed performance and productivity goals;

  • Uphold respect for the company, values, environment, and its people;

  • Be protective of the company, values, environment, and its people;

  • Uphold strong teamwork values and;

  • Maintain conduct that represents our company well.


These benefits are available to eligible team members in the PRODUCTION, OFFICE, KITCHEN, and TENDER CREW departments. 


Benefits are available for eligible team members, even after the active season ends. There will NOT be ANY deductions made on your paycheck for these benefits. The base costs of core benefits are fully covered by Camtu’s Alaska Wild Seafoods, unless you choose additional benefits that Avibra may offer. Even with additional benefits at your own cost, these benefits are at a very minimal cost. 

Provided By Alaska Wild

Camtu's Alaska Wild Seafoods provides to all full-time employees:

Plant Gear

  • Gloves

  • Hairnets

  • Face Masks

  • Face Shields

  • Hard hats

  • Aprons

  • Earplugs

  • Face shields

  • Bibs (check out at office)


At Bunkhouse (For Non-Local Employees)

  • Laundry Appliances

  • Laundry Soap

  • Internet

  • Food

  • Housing / Beds

  • Mattress and Pillows

  • Bedding

  • Lockers

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